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Key Violation ERROR:

Trouble Shooting Tip From Our Support Department

The most common cause of Key Violation Errors is the use of symbols (placing a comma or decimal where the program places it for you). Errors can occur anywhere and at random times when symbols have been used in the Case Number of a project you are working in.

When creating a new case study it is important that you use only numbers and letters when creating the case study number. Do not use symbols in your naming convention such as $ / - [ ] { } ( ) _ @ . , Ď. Case Study Numbers are limited to 10 characters. D4COST will only accept the first 10 characters.

The case number assigned to a project drives all the information captured to perform the functions of the software. Key Violations can occur during any function when case numbers with symbols have been used. 

Donít be fooled if you are using symbols in your case numbering convention and have not experienced problems yet. When Key Violations begin to occur, and they will, it is likely it will corrupt your database.

Check the Case Number assigned to your projects. If you have used any symbols in the case number it is recommended that you copy the project and rename with a new case number. Delete the old project after a copy has been made. 

File this tip in your D4COST User Manual. If you have a User Tip you would like to pass on to fellow users, or if you havenít received your prior Power User Tips, contact me at 800-533-5680 or david@d4cost.com. I will be happy to fax or email the past Power User Tips for your manual. The Power User Tips are also located online at www.d4cost.com on the Technical Support page.

Technical support is free for current D4COST users. A $45.00 charge per incident applies to D4COST Versions 9.0 to 9.5. All other versions of D4COST support charges will be determined at time of request. Design4/COSTô versions 5.2 and lower are no longer supported. Please call our technical support line 813-662-6801 or email at info@d4cost.com Monday through Friday 8:00 AM EST to 8:00 PM EST.

David Castelli

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