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D4COST has partnered with a variety of industry associations, related industry companies and manufacturers to help you locate information easily.
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Industry Partners

Eos Group develops Eos Advisor, software that allows estimators, project managers and business development staff to quickly search past budgets and adjust them for inflation, job size and location. Advisor compares estimates in production with historical estimates and completed, actual cost projects.

Construction Software by Foundation Software - Foundation® for Windows® is the number one construction job cost accounting software for labor-intensive contractors. Offering fully integrated job costing, the software includes easy-to-use accounting and project management tools. Foundation is fully date-sensitive, maintains a complete audit trail, and with a Microsoft SQL database provides for powerful, customizable construction reporting.

DCD Magazine publishes actual building construction costs submitted by architects and contractors nation wide. We believe there is nothing more reliable to base preliminary estimates of new construction than real, historical construction cost data.

ComputerEase has been voted the Number One construction software for accounting, project management and FieldEase-remote job site processing.

Bookworkz – The Building Industry’s largest construction bookstore. Select from thousands of titles related to your area of business.

D4COST.NET - Get reliable preliminary square foot costs for any type of building during budgetary and/or preliminary stages of design.



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