How D4COST Works
D4COST works by taking the actual cost data on existing buildings (projects) and by applying factors that allows the user to cost escalate (or depreciate, as the case may be) from one time to another time, and to regionally adjust for the local variances in construction costs from one place to the next. The system does this work in real time not only providing the user with an actual number (not a range), but it also allows the user to run "what if" scenarios quickly and effortlessly.

Cost modeling is as essential to the architectural, development and construction process as the drawing or planning. This is D4COST's specialty, and no one does it better, faster or more efficiently.

Base - Target - Rebase
D4COST allows you to literally take yesterday's project and put it into today or tomorrow's dollars. The procedure is known as Base - Target - Rebase.

D4COST data is entered with a bid date (construction date) and a place - the project's BASE. Knowing this information D4COST makes it possible for you to TARGET a project to another time and place.

Once you have targeted a project, you can REBASE it. Now it resides on your system in today or tomorrow's dollars, and is ready for any adjustments (i.e. building square footage) you might want to make to the data.

On any division, each line item can be adjusted to fit the needs of your cost model. Divisions can be added or taken away, or adjusted by cost, cost per square foot (meter), or percent of cost. Plus, seven optional Unit Cost Databases (General Construction, Remodelers, Electrical, Mechanical/Electrical, Home Builders, Home Remodelers and Facility Managers) can be added to D4COST for unit cost estimating.

Let D4COST Do The Work For You

D4COST is a professional preliminary cost estimating system that allows you to cost model on our historical construction data or yours.

You can seamlessly import your own proprietary company building cost data to create you own historical project library. With D4COST you can effortlessly create reliable preliminary cost estimates in minutes.

The D4COST Estimating Philosophy

In a nutshell, as publishers of Design Cost Data magazine since 1958 we believe the best measurement for future building cost is historical building cost. Actual construction costs coupled with scientific cost escalators and regional modifiers make past data relevant to future building costs. This philosophy is an industry standard and is the foundation that D4COST is built on. We hand you forty plus years of industry knowledge of construction costs.

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