D4COST Project Databases

D4COST users can customize their software with specific project types by selecting from D4COST's 10 historical project databases. Databases include Educational, Civic/Government, Commercial, Medical, Hotel/Motel, Recreational, Religious, Residential, Industrial and Office projects for import into D4COST. Each project included in the databases come with photography and plans.

Historical costs can be updated to any location and time by using the cost escalation indexes and regional modifiers, which are included in the D4COST estimating system. Simply select a case study similar or comparable to your application, and target the project to the time and place your project will be bid. 

Order as many databases that fit your practice. You can also request a custom database specific to your needs. Request your custom database quote by emailing us at

Please Note: D4COST Express PRE-CON Estimator is included with each database.

Civic/Gov. Database - 183 Projects - $315.00  ADD TO CART | PURCHASE
Civic Centers, Airports/Terminals, Libraries, Post Offices, Courthouses, Correctional Facilities, Fire Departments

Commercial Database - 133 Projects - $265.00  ADD TO CART | PURCHASE
Restaurants, Banks, Parking Garages, Stores, C-Stores, Telecommunications & Broadcasting

Educational Database - 299 Projects - $450.00  ADD TO CART | PURCHASE
Schools, Libraries, Auditoriums, Educational Related Buildings, Colleges, Universities

Hotel/Motel Database - 7 Projects - $165.00  ADD TO CART | PURCHASE
Hotels, Resorts, Casinos

Industrial Database - 41 Projects - $185.00  ADD TO CART | PURCHASE
Processing Plants, Factories, Warehouses, Maintenance Buildings

Medical Database - 138 Projects - $290.00  ADD TO CART | PURCHASE
Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Offices, Assisted Living, Research

Offices Database - 95 Projects - $235.00  ADD TO CART | PURCHASE
Offices, Corporate Centers

Recreational Database - 64 Projects - $235.00  ADD TO CART | PURCHASE
Recreational Centers, Stadiums, Sports Facilities, Theaters, Ice Rinks

Religious Database - 71 Projects - $215.00  ADD TO CART | PURCHASE
Churches, Related Buildings

Residential Database - 69 Projects - $215.00  ADD TO CART | PURCHASE
Multi-Family, Condos, Apartments, Single Family


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